John F.


I woke up on December 7, 2014 and told my wife "I invented a game!" She asked "what kind of game?". I said "A Poker Dice Game!" My Dad was an avid card player including poker, various kinds of rummy, and pinochle. It made me wonder if Dad spoke to me in my dream.
Living in Las Vegas for 40 years now my wife and I visit casinos, and poker and dice are very popular games. So on this very day, I started drawing card symbols on paper in the form of dice. Starting with the Ace of spades and all the way to the King of spades, for the 13 cards in that suit  I proceeded to mathematically offset the 13 suited diamonds, clubs, and hearts. Each die has one card of each suit, and 2 blank sides. I bought blank dice and made a prototype of my design. I then said to myself, "what do I do with the blanks?" I rolled the dice and there was a flush in clubs and a pair, so I put them together. I decided to roll only the blanks for the second roll, to see if more dice could be connected to add more pairs, etc., but I still had a few blanks left so I rolled the blank dice a 3rd time to see if I could connect more dice to create additional hands of poker all connected to each other. I had a flush, and 2 pairs. There were still a couple of blanks left, and a couple of dice that could not be added to the existing poker hands I created in the 3 rolls. After about 3 months I told my wife I wanted to add risk to the game, so I added a 14th die numbered 1 through 4 with 2 blank sides signifying zeros. Having the chance to increase a score by 2,3, or 4 times or getting a blank, and losing it all added excitement and challenge to the game. I sincerely hope you have as much fun with this game as my friends, family and I are having. Thank you, John